An-Najah participates in the Medewal Training Workshop in Jordan

An-Najah participates in the Medewal Training Workshop in Jordan


On Tuesday, April 7, 2015 a delegation from An-Najah participated in the training workshop held by the European Medawel project.

The Medwel project aims at enhancing and improving services offered to students at the universities participating in the project. It also aims at reinforcing cooperation and exchanging experiences between the contributing universities.

The workshop, which was over two days, took place at Al-Hussein Bin Talal University in Jordan, and consisted of two sessions. The first session tackled the project's achievements with regards to student rights, duties and events which aim at including students in extracurricular activities. The representatives also discussed the project's meetings among the universities and the local community institutions.

In the second session, the representatives talked about the Tempus projects’ achievements in the contributing universities and the obstacles encountered during execution.

Dr. Waleed Salameh, Vice President of Princess Sumaya University for Technology in Jordan emphasized the role of students in public and private universities and added that providing academic services for students is part of the university-students' communication process.

The representatives from An-Najah talked about the Student Affairs Department at the university and the Student Services Unit; their history, events and the academic services both provide to the students.

Dr. Emad Braik, European Union Projects' Coordinator at An-Najah stated that An-Najah's contribution aims at reinforcing mutual cooperation with the Arab and international universities.


  • The workshop was attended by An-Najah National University, Palestine Polytechnic University- from Palestine; Al-Hussein Bin Talal University and Princess Sumaya University for Technology from Jordan; Beni Suef University and Kafrelsheikh University from Egypt and the Lebanese University and Modern University for Business and Science from Lebanon.
  • In the workshop, An-Najah was represented by Mr. Moussa Abu Dayeh, Dean of Student Affairs and Mr. Iyad Al-Aqraa', Students' Affairs Director and Head of the Sport Activities Department.

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