University of Alicante Study Visit

Event Date: Monday, January 26, 2015 - 10:45 to Wednesday, January 28, 2015 - 10:45
Events Venue: University of Alicante - Spain

MEDAWEL partners have participated in 3 days training workshop during a study visit to University of Alicante, Spain in which many topics were discussed. The visit included many activities and presentations in addition to discussions and a visits to the university’s units.

OGPI Director, Roberto Escarre, welcomed the participants and talked briefly about the aim of this visit, hoping this visit will help participants come out with a fruitful experience and help them take a closer look at the actual good practices.

Senior Project Manager, Carolina Madeleine also welcomed participants to UA and did a brief overview of the training Agenda to prepare the participants for the upcoming sessions and activities that will be discussed during this Study Visit.

GIPE Expert, Victor Climent, also welcomed participants and started the training session with some statistics and figures comparing the number of Public Universities to the private Universities and church universities, and also comparing the differences between the services, degrees, and cost of study between the public, private, and church universities.

Climent also discussed the most used funding sources for supporting the career services activities and structures that are carried out in the university.

He also explained the process of how the University follow up with graduate students and how they communicate with them and with companies to help students get the suitable jobs depending on their majors, degrees, profiles, specialties, and also according to their preferences.

Climent also listed and explained activities in the Spanish Career Center and RUNAE which includes:

  •     Entrepreneurship
  •     Career guidance and training
  •     Employment-prospective
  •     Internships
  •     Observatory labor market analysis
  •     Mobility
  •     Intermediation