National conference - Lebanon

National conference - Lebanon

Event Date:Friday, September 11, 2015 - 09:30 to 16:00
Events Venue:Lebanon

The Lebanese university with cooperation of the Modern University for Business and Science have organized MEDAWEL Lebanese national conference on September 11th at 1866 hotel. The conference hold the title of “Integrating a Holistic Approach to Student Services for Increased Student Wellbeing”.

The opening speech was presented by Dr. Georges Kfouri then Prof. Walid Salameh, the coordinator of project, welcomed the participants and presented an overview about MEDAWEL project and its achievements.

Prof. Ahmad Jammal, Director General of Higher Education in Lebanon, spoke about the need of experts and cultural exchange in addition to the reality of students’ services in the Lebanese universities. Prof. Aref Elsoufi, Head of the National Erasmus Office (NEO) in Lebanon, presented a brief about ERASMUS projects and its role in students’ services and he emphasized on the importance of multiplying the effect of the project by the persons who had trained.

The Vice President of Alhussein Bin Talal University, Prof. Hasan Shalabi, spoke about AHU achievements within MEDAWEL project and encouraged getting the non-partners universities involved in MEDAWEL activities.

Dr. Rami Salem; the Dean of students’ affairs at PSUT, presented “The Positive Reflections of MEDAWEL Project in our Students Services” followed by an overview about the students’ clubs at PSUT presented by Mrs. Manar Shreideh.

Ms. Shaimaa spoke about the talented, creators and innovators development center that is created at Beni Suef University and Mr. Mostafa Sakr gave an explanation about his smart application that was built for students.

Many presentations were delivered as well from the participants as:

Overview about the Lebanese University by Dr. Georges Kfouri.

Kafr Elsheikh University experience in residence halls (cities), presented by Mrs. Nadia Ewida.

The role of Ministry of Higher Education in students’ activities delivered by Mr. Mohammad Elbehiry, KFU.

Dr. Amjad Dababat from Palestine Polytechnic University delivered a presentation about “The Effects of MEDAWEL Project on Students Activities at Palestine Polytechnic University”.

From the Modern University for Business and Science, Lebanon Mrs. Diana Nahle presented “The Use of Social Media in Student Services at MUBS” accompanied with a short video on the same subject.

Dr. Mousa Qaysia from An-Najah University, Palestine, delivered a presentation entitled “The Impact of MEDAWEL Supporting Project on the Palestinian universities”.

“The Impact of MEDAWEL Project on Students Services at Al-Hussein Bin Talal University” was the title of presentation delivered by Dr. Bilal Abu Rakhieh, AHU – Jordan.

“Re-Shaping the Structure of Student Affair Services: Vision for the future” was the final presentation in the conference and it was delivered by Dr, Hossam Farouq from KFU, Egypt.

Many interactive discussions took place during the conference that enriched the contents of this event in addition to a set of recommendations as listed below:

Dr. Bilal Abu Rakhieh, AHU: the next step after the project shall concentrate on building the capacity of a single unit or department by giving a training to the staff who remains after the dean.

Dr. Hossam Farouq; KFU: recommends to facilitate the change on rules and orders of universities.

Dr. Rami Salem; PSUT: Students are the core of MEDAWEL project and therefore shall be involved in all related activities.

Mr. Wasim Jamal; PPU: recommended to involve European students in the communication as happened with Arab partners.

Mr. Mohammmad Elbehiry; KFU: recommended to create a network for students’ communication between Arab universities.

Dr. Ebrahim Aman; KFU: suggested to make an internal memorandum between partners to keep in touch after the project ends.