The Project will implement the following outputs and activities: 

1. Establishment of the Universities-enterprises cooperation network and implementation of its activities to serve as a sustainable supra-national platform for exchange of experiences and good practices with a view to fostering a regular strategic dialog among higher education and business sector. 

2. Enhanced Human Capacity concerning strategic, managerial and administrative skills in organisation of university-enterprises cooperation at Jordanian Universities through implementation of 5 targeted and In-Job training modules 

3. Infrastructural and institutional establishment of liaison offices at Jordanian Universities; 

4. Pilot implementation of the operations of the newly created Liaison Offices; 

5. Public awareness & dissemination actions of project results throughout the project duration; 

6. Ensuring sustainability of projects results though the development of long-term strategies for institutional implementation and financing of the established structures and services.

About Medawel

In today’s society, a college education is more important than ever, and there is no shortage of institutions in this region for students to choose from, but how many of these institutions have a student service system that help students stay interested,